Female Sex Appeal - Make Yourself More Sexually Attractive Instantly!

While we may not all look like models, we can all make ourselves more attractive in an instant and the tips below are guaranteed to increase you sex appeal. There simple to do and there quick, so read on and find out how.
Research has shown what men like in women and what they view as increasing sex appeal.
Here we will use this knowledge to our advantage to enhance our looks in several areas to make you a sex goddess in an instant!
Men like pert breasts, they are a sign of youth and fertility and you don't need to go under the knife and have a boob job to get them!
It's a Fact that 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size!
Go for a bra that fits properly and lifts and supports to make your breast firm and irresistible and there are plenty of up-lift bras these days to choose from so find the best one for you.
Waist and Hips
Men simply love the right waist to hips ratio and the right one in terms of sex appeal is 0.7 (waist divided by hips). This is the ideal but of course, this is quite slim and were not all stick insects (or don't want to be!) so lets cheat.
We need to wear the right cloths to achieve this and the best way is to use a belt and a single colour (single colours make you look slimmer and black is the best colour for this). Match this with a belt, to bring your waist line in and make men look at your breasts and hips.
Big wide belts are in and there ideal, so add them to your wardrobe.
The window to the soul and what man can resist nice eyes?
There alluring and appealing and the bigger the pupil the better, the fact is eyes tell us about desire and when we see someone we fancy our pupils dilate.
Large eyes show you're interested and are very sexy so how do you make them bigger? Simple - the best way is to create darkness around the eye (the Smokey eyed look) by using dark colours on the lids. The pupils will stand out more so use some eye liner and mascara to finish and highlight.
Good clear skin is a must!
Many women simply use too much make-up and you must avoid this, men are generally attracted to a natural look so that's what you need to focus on.
Use good foundation to disguise any blemishes and take time to get the right one which is compatible with your skin tone. Then use blusher to finish.
Get plenty of water 2 -3 litres a day as within 48 hours it can make your skin look more radiant very quickly and it's a fact 50% of women don't get enough water.
Men like lips for obvious reasons and a pout and big full lips are sexy.
Many women go under the knife and go for collagen and having fuller lips is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries at present, everyone wants lips like Angelina Jolie! There is however a simple cheat:
All you need to do is take your lip liner slightly wider than your lips and you create an optical illusion of fuller lips. Be careful not to overdo this, as go to far and it simply wont look natural.
High heels are quite simply one of the biggest turn ons for men and they are guaranteed to make your legs look better. Why?
Because they create the optical illusion of a taller longer legged women and at the same time push out the bottom. So you can get out the killer heels but if you don't want to do this all day start to wear high waist jeans or skirts as they will also make your legs look longer.
I read the above in a popular magazine and had been after a man in my local bar for ages he never really paid me much attention before but I used some of the above and a killer outfit and hey presto - Result!
Mind you my outfit helped to - very sexy without being over the top and how to look sexy without looking a tart, is the subject of the next article in this series.